Last March 9, we celebrated our 16th year wedding anniversary in a buffet restaurant and overnight stay at a lavish hotel in a neighboring city. At first, I hesitated the idea of leaving my children with my diabetic mother although her condition (Thank God!) is far from the worst kind of diabetes but I was concerned with my toddler who still co-sleeping with us and has a major issue on separation anxiety.
That special day wouldn’t be possible if not for my mother and my eldest child- Pinky. My daughter has been very understanding and supportive that we took a day to celebrate our anniversary. With a few planning tricks and off we went.

We spent our lunch in a buffet restaurant, munching with variety of Asian, Mediterranean, Western cuisines. As much as I enjoy the food and our time alone together, I can’t help but think about our kids at home. Have they eaten well? Are they enjoying their time together as well? Is my little boy asking where I went?

I would send messages to my daughter and she would assure me that everything’s fine. And in between of forking tempura and calamares into my plate, I kept on calling my kids to check on them.

I honestly enjoyed that special day with my husband.  No kids around the table. No sippy cups or telling of tales about school. It was just him and me. But I was still distracted.

While observing my husband’s refined table etiquette which is admirable since then, I noticed again the few fine lines on his forehead.  Those are results of hard work to meet the family’s needs and much effort to build a godly home.  But I was still distracted to verbalize a word of affirmation to him.  It was supposed to be a perfect time to show adoration to each other but my mind was wandering.

I am a solid admirer of my fellow blogging friend Tammy Dunlap who holds a special place in my heart. She recently wrote a beautiful post about the 25 things she loves about her husband. The title of her post is25 positives about my husband, 25 years in”.  (Click the title in red and enjoy her amazing blog.)

I am touched with her heartfelt words of appreciation to her husband but she never denied the unpleasant memories. She did not have difficulty to admit that there was a crucial time in her marriage (WHO DOESN’T???) but she led the readers (including me) to more commendable approach to our regrets. And that is to focus on the celebration of whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…(Philippians 4:8)

I wanted to follow on her steps by being a model of gratefulness, showing appreciation to my spouse, and honoring my husband’s role in our marriage.

To my loving husband Alvin,

First of all, this post is dedicated for you. My readers may not know you personally but this is one of God-given chance to honor you as I already failed many times including our last anniversary celebration. I am asking for forgiveness in here and in person (where we can be alone), for my shortcomings and other ungodly acts towards you and our relationship. Let this verse serves as a reminder for you: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” -Galatians 6:9


16 Things I Love About You

  1. You’ve got a BIG heart. It’s just the two of us who knew about this when you loaned a huge amount of money to one of my schoolmate so he can buy his own computer even though you knew from the start that he’s jobless but you helped him anyway. That person never returned the money to you but I hear no regrets from you.
  2. You are sincerely generous. Remember when you got a salary bonus and shared your blessings to our friends and treat us to dinner and tickets to amusement park.
  3. You are a kind-hearted son to your parents. I loved you even more every time you share memorable stories you had with your deceased father. It only shows that your loving relationship with your father encouraged you to become like him.
  4. You forgive easily. I won’t jot down the long list of scenarios where you have chosen to demonstrate your forgiving nature to anyone. I think you’re cuter every time you pout your lips when I tell you I’m sorry.
  5. I won’t forget when you gifted me my favorite Hello Kitty items on my birthday 15 years ago. You were brave enough to shop there alone. Your only consolation was at least you know a place to go and you didn’t have to rummage the whole shopping mall.
  6. You are so romantic when I tell you “I Love You” and you replied with “I Love You more and more”.
  7. You admit that you are NOT fond of writing love letters. Well, it’s been 16 years but I still wonder why do I keep on receiving love letters/cards from you?
  8. I admire your character on how you treat ALL kinds of people with sincerity and fairness. I remember when you asked me to pack a basket full of groceries for security guards at your office building. Another one was when you left your money at home and you’re renewing your driver’s license. You asked a roving guard if he could loan you 20 pesos. When he did, you came back home to get your wallet and drove back to the establishment just to honor your word to that man. Not only you gave the money back but you also made time to chat with him and gave him grocery items for his family.
  9. The best thing I love about you is you let me grow in Christ. You were the one who introduced Christian faith and I never knew how long have you been praying for me to know the Lord until that day finally came.
  10. You’re such a caring person who provides encouragement to anyone and praying silently to those who needed it.
  11. You work with two jobs at the same time just to provide our needs.
  12. You are an example of faith to all of us by leaning on God alone during difficult times and praising Him with all your heart during harvest time.
  13. Thank you for building my self-esteem, for helping me to free myself from the past, and making an effort to understand me better. You nourish me by encouraging me to pursue areas in which I am interested in like this blogging.
  14. Our children’s respect and love for you best describes how loving father you are.
  15. Thank God that I married a man with no vices other than playing Table Tennis.
  16. Praise God for enabling you to be faithful to me even though my curves are all in the wrong places. Thank you for embracing my body and appearance as it changes through time.

I challenge each of you to write down your own list about what you love about your spouses. It’s fun to do I tell you. Like any marriages, we have also stories of hurdles, ugliness, pressures, and frustrations. Today, I decided to focus on the true, noble, right, lovely, admirable traits of my better half.

Like my friend Tammy said to her post,

“What will you focus on?”  

If you’ll accept the challenge, kindly tag/link the wisdom behind this: our friend tammy dunlap from grandmamarymartha


8 thoughts on “16 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU

  1. Alvin Fabian says:


    There’s no need to have mentioned these. I just thank God for changing me to who I am now since the day you walk into my life.

    I love you more and more!


  2. Tammy says:

    I love this !! I shared on relationships pinterest board, on a friend’s facebook, and my personal, and Grandma Mary Martha.

    Thank you God for our blessings <3

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