I am a mother of two angels who brought indescribable meaning into my life. I am also a wife of a very funny, gorgeous looking, hot as summer, not to mention smells great all-the-time husband. We live a simple life in a city and we are trying to be the best person that we can be.

I understand what you need and here’s how I can help. But before that here’s a quick story of why I created this blog.

One evening of May 22, 2010,  God used a book I bought earlier that day that will change my life FOREVER.  As I turned every page, I didn’t feel the need to sleep on that night. Each page of the book From The Father’s Heart by Charles Slagle warmth my soul, a feeling that I never knew existed.  My heart melts in every word as if the God that I only knew by name before seated beside and asked me: “My daughter, do you want to know more about me?”

I can’t remember how many times I got emotional while reading that book. I just knew in my heart that GOD IS LISTENING to my frustrations, to my guilt, to my brokenness, and to my desire to satisfy the missing pieces of my being.

At the end page of the book was the very highlight of this precious moment. There’s a PRAYER OF SALVATION. It was declaring my surrender to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. From that moment on I knew I’m already in best hands.

In the journey of becoming a follower of Christ, I experienced a lot of life lessons which I know necessary to my spiritual growth. But these setbacks, challenges, and some pain that doesn’t make any sense to my little, narrow mind are trying to steal the joy of knowing Christ.

It is through reading books written by many great Christian writers that I find encouragement and help to nurture my mustard faith. With great appreciation of their invaluable influence to my life, I dedicate this blog to everyone who needs love, wisdom, and hope.

So I created Project Domestikate for you. Enjoy my resource of inspirational words from Christian authors that share their God-breathed wisdom about Marriage, Parenting, Life Lessons, and living an abundant life with Jesus. I’ll be sharing some personal stories as well, hoping that it will touch somebody’s heart.  As you take a tour through my site, it is my prayer that you will continue to plant seeds of hope and inspiration to yourself and to others.

I will also be glad if you share my posts, like, tweet, pin or engage in our discussion by writing your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank You!

*The watercolor flower is courtesy of www.AngieMakes.com