Blogger Recognition Award and My 11 Nominations


My conversation with Tammy will always carry a basketful of love and affirmation. She is my constant companion online and God knows I would really want to cross continent just to meet her personally.

We became friends when she made a comment to one of my blog post but then my ignorance with the setting made the comment disappear forever. I emailed her back and apologize because I do not want to leave a rude impression, then a natural kind and warm person that she is- she replied with me.

Right there and then, she has planted a tiny seed of possible friendship that could blossom between us. God brought us closer to each other through sharing and blogging.

Tammy, my words may be redundant but I will never get tired of loving you as my friend who by your loving embrace to this friendship defied our miles of location, race, and culture.

I will never get tired of saying that you have brightened up my life as a mother, wife, and friend.

Thank you for sharing wisdom in many areas… Thank you for this recognition… Thank you for the friendship…


My desire to minister through God’s Word and inspirational quotes started by reading books authored by men and women of faith. Year 2010, I was just a new believer by then. I’ve got a lot of questions about Christ, His Kingdom, what will be my future here on earth, what is eternity, and the list go on.

I have to be honest to you all that my faith wasn’t a child-like faith described in the Bible.

I wasn’t like Moses, Abraham, David, or Joseph.

For somebody who wasn’t raised in a Bible-based belief.

For somebody who grew up in poverty.

For somebody whose childhood has been scarred.

For somebody who’s been rejected by relatives, by in-laws, by church members.

For somebody who had experienced deep financial trouble, left with no established career, and struggled with series of disappointments.

I’ve got a lot of emotional baggage.

Immersing myself in God’s Word and wisdom of many great Christian authors helped me to nurture my faith. But it wasn’t easy…

Day by day.

Word by word.

God is guiding my steps.

Not only had I developed a huge appetite to gain heavenly perspective but also the desire to share it to the world.
I started to send Bible Scriptures and inspirational quotes via text messages to everyone I know.

I also share messages from my devotion for the day. I was glad that others acknowledged the blessings while I prayed for those who need more of God’s work in their hearts.

After a while, I’ve been side-tracked by caring my special, little boy Coco. There were lots of difficult situations my family went through since year 2013 when Coco was born. Out of my frustrations and pain, God instilled in my heart a powerful force that I just can’t let go. He wanted me to inspire and encourage more people even when I was still on the edge of my sufferings.

I launched this blog last year of December. The birth pain was tolerable at most but there were times that I almost gave up due to the limited knowledge at my disposal.

Since I am using copyrighted material for my inspirational quotes, I need to secure written permission from every concerned publisher.  Aside from avoiding copyright infringement, I want my blog to first model honesty, integrity, and honor.

I also have a low self-esteem. I do not write very well. I am not good in English because it is NOT my native language. I can understand and write but I can’t write professionally. I did not obtain any Masteral or PH.d in literature, journalism, creative writing…



I Google vocabulary words just to keep myself educated. Sometimes I use grammar check to humor myself for wrong sentences, fragments, tenses, misuse colons.

And I read and read and read…

And now, you can see the 8 months of labor in love. I still haven’t really reached the professional blogger status and I do not intend to do so. You can still see flaws here and there. One day I’m pro-active at promoting it but after one week, my blog is stagnant.

If I’m going to master every corner of my blog or every marketing strategies, or proof-read every lines I would really lose once again the purpose of having this.

It is to honor God and bring more people to Him.


1. Be ready to stand firm with the reason why DO YOU BLOG. Because the enemy of our soul is also ready to manipulate the reason why do you blog.


2. It’s not what I do that matters, but what God chooses to do through me.

I’m here because aside from mothering, MY HEART’S DESIRE IS TO PRAISE AND LOVE GOD.

But if God called me to be MORE involved and to spend time with my family than blogging, I will accept that call.

I know my time in blogging will become less as my son’s demand increases.

And I thank God for giving me the courage to stand firm against the setbacks, against the enemy’s attack, against self-indulgence.

Blogging for God’s glory is a stewardship, a privilege to those who called according to His purpose.


AND NOW, here ARE the 11 AMAZING,WONDERFUL bloggers that I want to nominate for this blogging award!

  1. Tammy Dunlap (You deserve a second nomination for your beautiful heart and hard work.)
  2. Cindy Barnes (Cindy, you made a remarkable advice to me when you said about remember who we write for. Your post My Audience of One and His Friends is a blessing to me.)
  3. Maggie Simmons (Maggie, thank you for saying that I have a beautiful website. You had no idea how I needed that compliment that day. Thank you for remembering to pray for my son.)
  4. Chantel Mathson (Chantel, I will keep your words in my heart. “And if we impact one life it is more than enough, right? Be encouraged and keep serving and loving on people.”)
  5. Staceylynn Wells (One of the first people who prayed for my son’s recovery. Thank you.)
  6. Lig Rigby (Thank you for writing You Only Need Today For Faith. Your post is a blessing to me.)
  7. Kristin Koonce (Thank you for being a light in the darkness for those who struggle with anxiety and other mental issues. Keep writing.)
  8. Jamie Sumner- (Your post You Can Be Lonely In A Family Too was my exact feeling that day. Somehow it lifted the curtain of loneliness. I am your fan.)
  9. Lois Pearson (One of the inspirational resource about parenting.)
  10. Sarah Hardee (Thank you for giving this emphasis You are a Christian who wants to share your faith on why should a Christian mom start a blog.)
  11. Cassidy Poe– (I admire your brave heart. Such a beautiful, young woman.)

*To all my blogging sister in CWBU , CHRISTIAN BLOGGER COMMUNITY and CALLED TO BLOG (Thank you for being the source of support and encouragement to one another. I admire each of you for your dedication to this ministry.)

*To all the publishers that gave their permissions. To all the book authors who congratulated me, encouraged me, and inspired me to pursue this blogging.

*To my husband Alvin and my two kids- You are my source of strength.

Guidelines for Blogger Recognition Award 

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you,and provide a link to their blog.

2)  Write a post to show a photo of your award.

3) Give a brief story of how your blog started.

4)  Give two pieces of  advice to new bloggers.

5)  Select (up to 15) other bloggers for this award.

6)  Comment on each blog to let your nominees know you nominated them.  Be sure to provide a link to the post you created in the comment.


4 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award and My 11 Nominations

  1. Liz Rigby says:

    I agree with Tammy; this post is so genuine and heartfelt. Your love for Jesus, your family, and your Christian blogging community is so apparent! Thank you so much for nominating me. I’ll never forget reading your son’s story and how I cried. God bless! <3

  2. Tammy says:

    Kate, this is precious, because it is authentically, humbly, beautifully YOU. The world is blessed that you are blogging, and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you to build the kingdom. Thank you sister! I love you ((hugs))

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