Boys Will Be Joys by Dave Meurer

I grabbed this book the moment I saw it in the bookstore.
The charming, little boy looks a lot like my son, Joshua. You know what it is raising a boy. You would find yourself in many awkward, challenging, yet funny situations.
This book tells an honest look to the difficulty of parenting boys, from toddlers to teens. As I read the book, it has offered me many insightful thoughts about the unique personality boys have and accepting that fact would help us parents to find the joy in raising them.
I got one girl and one boy. Totally different. Their age gap is huge so imagine the
‘culture shock’ I’ve got from raising a compliant daughter to a strong-willed son.
Lastly, I love what Dave Meurer said that ”sometimes you just have to wing it.”



One thought on “Boys Will Be Joys by Dave Meurer

  1. Tammy says:

    Bless you !! This may be a book to go back to again and again. Parenting is a tough job! I CAN relate to the shock….. as my son and daughter were spaced 8 years apart. Full of challenges, and delight is how I remember raising my children. Right now my daughter is just entering TEEN years, but she is so fun and good that I consider myself on easy street……. Then God HELP me when it is time to let her go…… beyond the walls of my house, on her own……….

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