Blogger Recognition Award and My 11 Nominations


My conversation with Tammy will always carry a basketful of love and affirmation. She is my constant companion online and God knows I would really want to cross continent just to meet her personally.

We became friends when she made a comment to one of my blog post but then my ignorance with the setting made the comment disappear forever. I emailed her back and apologize because I do not want to leave a rude impression, then a natural kind and warm person that she is- she replied with me.

Right there and then, she has planted a tiny seed of possible friendship that could blossom between us. God brought us closer to each other through sharing and blogging.

Tammy, my words may be redundant but I will never get tired of loving you as my friend who by your loving embrace to this friendship defied our miles of location, race, and culture.

I will never get tired of saying that you have brightened up my life as a mother, wife, and friend.

Thank you for sharing wisdom in many areas… Thank you for this recognition… Thank you for the friendship…


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The Long and Winding Road

We picture our journey on the road to be perfect instead we find ourselves lost in a dangerous terrain. We want shortcuts. There is nothing wrong with desiring safety, but to think that each ride is easier and hassle-free may not be true.

Every detour, every road blocked, every pause, and every twists and turns has something to teach us.
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