Last March 9, we celebrated our 16th year wedding anniversary in a buffet restaurant and overnight stay at a lavish hotel in a neighboring city. At first, I hesitated the idea of leaving my children with my diabetic mother although her condition (Thank God!) is far from the worst kind of diabetes but I was concerned with my toddler who still co-sleeping with us and has a major issue on separation anxiety.
That special day wouldn’t be possible if not for my mother and my eldest child- Pinky. My daughter has been very understanding and supportive that we took a day to celebrate our anniversary. With a few planning tricks and off we went.

We spent our lunch in a buffet restaurant, munching with variety of Asian, Mediterranean, Western cuisines. As much as I enjoy the food and our time alone together, I can’t help but think about our kids at home. Have they eaten well? Are they enjoying their time together as well? Is my little boy asking where I went?

I would send messages to my daughter and she would assure me that everything’s fine. And in between of forking tempura and calamares into my plate, I kept on calling my kids to check on them.

I honestly enjoyed that special day with my husband.  No kids around the table. No sippy cups or telling of tales about school. It was just him and me. But I was still distracted.

While observing my husband’s refined table etiquette which is admirable since then, I noticed again the few fine lines on his forehead.  Those are results of Continue reading

What’s Your Love Language?

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My heart is saddened each time I got news about married couples parting their ways. I can’t help but ask myself, “What went wrong?” Of course no one  knew the whole story but them and God and the four corners of their house that once called HOME.

I’ve known a few stories of broken marriages from relatives and friends. To learn about a family that has been severed by unresolved issues and unforgiveness is something that we just can’t shrugged off.

Somebody close to me who got separated with her husband of 9 years told me one afternoon that her life has never been the same again after leaving her family. Although she and her estranged husband both have moved on with their lives and both are already committed to another relationship, she felt that the separation left a huge hole in her heart. I cannot divulge the cause of their separation as it is not my freedom to do so but the only thing she said to me that their unhappiness doesn’t just showed up to their doorstep overnight.

Another friend once asked me abruptly as we bumped to each other in the powder room, “Kate, how does your husband  show affection to you? My husband would never miss a day in his life to say ‘I love you’ to me but I felt that I need more than just a few I love you’s. What I want from him is to check on me and ask me how am I doing, have I eaten my lunch, what do I want for our anniversary. I think he’s a great husband but I believe our relationship has more room to grow if we can demonstrate our love in many ways.” Continue reading