When God Seems Not Fair

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“The whole world seems to be conspiring against me. I’m just asking for a little help for once in my life.” -Charlie Brown

Have you ever said the same thing to yourself for once or twice in your life?  In the midst of your frustration, you are ready to throw in the towel and just sat  miserably under the shades of a tree. Wishing that somebody will walk past you and join the pity party. 

I bet Charlie Brown will become my best buddy. We shared the same sentiments. But there’s a part of his melodramatic speech that is different from mine: I do not blame the world alone for what’s happening to me. I think GOD and the world seems to be conspiring against me.

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If you’re familiar with The Peanuts, Charlie Brown has been a genuinely good person to everyone around him. He makes friends, he likes to learn, he’s capable to forgive,and he knows what are his weakness. He’s a responsible brother to Sally. He doesn’t boast of his dancing skills. He takes joy in small things of life. He wants to be worthy of respect. He avoids argument even as the bossy Lucy mocks him all the time. 

But the little boy keeps  trying so hard to fit in this world and get past his epic failures.
Out of his frustration why his life keeps going wrong, he finally pondered to one of the most arduous sentiment, “The whole world seems to be conspiring against me.”
Like Charlie Brown, I also struggle to make sense out of painful circumstances. Being raised in a home that was barely surviving, I cannot understand why did God let our house lost in a fire twice? Despite of being honest and hardworking man, why did my father have to suffer a series of unemployment crisis that led to bankruptcy and depression? Why did a couple of bad choices on my education and career scarred my opportunity to have a brighter future? Much of my married life had been devoted to trying to be a loving wife and mother but why did I have to deal rejection from my in-laws?
In the midst of battling despair caused by  these series of life trials, my youngest son Joshua has been diagnosed with developmental problems. Most times I can handle his demands like a pro but constant pressure and behavioral challenges that I’m dealing with my son every single day can really weigh me down.
It is  difficult to clear my heart and mind in the middle of a temper-tantrum prone child. It is a challenge to think positive  when finances are running dry. It is hard to keep my hopes and courage high when friends distant their selves during my spiritual crisis and I can no longer portray myself as a  fruit-producing believer.
Worst of all, I was not mentally well. Having gone through with painful, sorrowful, scary events in my life which continues until the diagnosis of my child made me vulnerable to an emotional turmoil.

I had a nervous breakdown.

I knew that my inability to be resilient in a distressful situation rooted from my broken,   insecure and lost self. Even though our family has been holding on to each other for comfort and support, I still need to know where is God when life hurts.
I can’t remember how many times I plopped on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, wrestles my thoughts with the Lord, “God is just not fair!” 
It was beautifully written that will definitely encourage and renewed your faith to the One true and fair God. Her book will help you to recover your perspective that God is truly good to His people even in difficult circumstances.
It is my prayer that you and I will be filled with wisdom when life doesn’t make sense. We can begin by remembering this:

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9 thoughts on “When God Seems Not Fair

  1. Tammy says:

    Alice, I can REALLY identify with your point, or distinction about growing beyond “spouting empty cliches.” There can be wisdom in those cliches, but I speak them less often and with more humility, having been through some fire myself……… touche’ sister !!

  2. KATE says:

    Thank you Alice. And one lesson I’ve learned through the scorch of trials in a Christian life is fix our eyes on Jesus. That is the sweetest balm for our despair.

  3. KATE says:

    Amen. When it seems that the ways of God doesn’t make sense, remember to trust His heart. It will never fail.
    Thank you Norma for stopping by. 🙂

  4. Alice Mills says:

    Having gone through crushing circumstances myself, one of the best fruits of this kind of intense suffering is that I no longer am one of “Job’s comforters” spouting cliche’s into someone else’s void. Beautifully honest post.

  5. Tammy says:

    How, wonderful, that you allow your struggles to become an encouragement for others. I look forward to going to the best quotes now………!!

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