I Hope That Life Questions Are Answerable By YES or NO Only

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Someone said that successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. I hope this is always true.

When I was young, facing and overcoming family problems can seem overwhelming for a tender mind. I remember myself playing around, laughing with people, watching Care Bears on tv like I don’t care about the world butas a matter of fact, I do. I do care about people. You could have seen me as a playful and happy child but I struggle not to show how sad I was because somehow I didn’t want to add burden to my parents. I knew how bad our situation was, loss of job, loss of own house, family conflict etc. It’s like life was forcing me to be old enough when all I just want was to live like a carefree child.

I used to be talkative and so inquisitive and that brought me a lot of trouble in school. The most epic-fail moment I had when I was in 1st Grade. As the teacher went on explaining about living things and non-living things during Science class, she asked everyone if we understand what she means. To further illustrate the lesson, she drew a tree on the blackboard then turn around and guess what, I was called out to answer her question. She asked, ”Katrina, is this tree a living thing or non-living thing?” I confidently answered, ”It’s a non-living thing Ma’am.” Then I saw my teacher’s furious face than confused with my answer. ”And can you tell me why it is a non-living thing?” Her tone sets up a mood that surely says ”Better get this right or else…”

So I stood up once more and I was the most confused person in the room. I didn’t understand the condescending voice of my Science teacher and the unhappy look of my classmates. I was just sure that they weren’t cheering me up and probably wanted to stay out of my teacher’s wrath.

Without hesitation, I simply tell everyone of my opinion that if that tree moves right now then it’s a living thing but it was just a drawing on the board so I believe it’s non-living. If you know the saying about the faith of a child, then I must have gone overboard! I literally think the concept of things that move is a living thing and if it doesn’t move it’s a non-living thing. I didn’t mean to be a rude child back then, maybe I trusted the simplest form of explanation about which things are living and not. If the lesson will go further about the structure of organism and teach the cycle of life and death among organisms that classifies them as living things maybe I could say the right answer. But how could a 1st grader learn about birth, life, and death? How could I have known that we will all die one day, just like the tree. And if that tree dies, how could my teacher explain to me that the tree is a living thing that also dies afterwards. How could I begin to understand the difference of living thing and non-living things if I do not understand that after life then there’s death.

I hope you get my point though I’m pretty sure you would agree to my teacher that my ‘theory’ will change the course of scientific study especially on Biology. I mean no harm on my answer, it was an honest-to-goodness kind of answer from a 1st grader but unfortunately my beloved Science teacher didn’t let me off the hook. She called my mother about my uncalled philosophical point of view. I’ve been given a verbal warning. Did I stop seeking wisdom and enlightenment after that incident? I don’t.

As I grew up, life seems throwing me a lot of questions than answers. Sometimes I was so eager and brave to face the truth. Sometimes, I turn my back on the questions that I know answers will hurt me. Sometimes I don’t even know what to ask or whom to ask. These are the darkest moments of my life wherein answers aren’t enough for me. I grew tired of asking because I was afraid and confused if I’m asking all the right questions.

I hope that life questions are answerable by YES or NO only.

This book When Answers Aren’t Enough: Experiencing God as Good When Life Isn’t is written by Matt Rogers. I recommend for you to read this book because just like everyone else, he is on quest on finding peace and knowing the goodness of God in the midst of life tragedy and difficulties.



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