Last March 9, we celebrated our 16th year wedding anniversary in a buffet restaurant and overnight stay at a lavish hotel in a neighboring city. At first, I hesitated the idea of leaving my children with my diabetic mother although her condition (Thank God!) is far from the worst kind of diabetes but I was concerned with my toddler who still co-sleeping with us and has a major issue on separation anxiety.
That special day wouldn’t be possible if not for my mother and my eldest child- Pinky. My daughter has been very understanding and supportive that we took a day to celebrate our anniversary. With a few planning tricks and off we went.

We spent our lunch in a buffet restaurant, munching with variety of Asian, Mediterranean, Western cuisines. As much as I enjoy the food and our time alone together, I can’t help but think about our kids at home. Have they eaten well? Are they enjoying their time together as well? Is my little boy asking where I went?

I would send messages to my daughter and she would assure me that everything’s fine. And in between of forking tempura and calamares into my plate, I kept on calling my kids to check on them.

I honestly enjoyed that special day with my husband.  No kids around the table. No sippy cups or telling of tales about school. It was just him and me. But I was still distracted.

While observing my husband’s refined table etiquette which is admirable since then, I noticed again the few fine lines on his forehead.  Those are results of Continue reading